“Rafael’s work offers solace and promise – I feel in the company of one of  Chagall’s angels above the rooftops, the artist is holding us by the hand, taking us through and showing how we can rise above it all.”
Richard Price
Head, Contemporary British Collections, British Library

The Moth and the Flame
If I said the book was a prayer for an end to war, you’d ask which war?
In a sense, the two wars are really one – a struggle for a home, and over what people call one another.
Price is £49 + £5 p&p
£20 from every purchase will be donated to the Disaster Emergency Committee for Ukraine

Landscape of the Future
Soft cover edition
Hand printed in archival pigment print and hand bound with a soft cover. £40 with free postage.
64 full colour pages exploring the Antrhopocene.
Read more about this book here.

A Wanderer
As we lived this year in COVID lockdown, I set myself the task of learning what it was like when Jews hid in forests, in attics, in holes in the ground. £99 + £5 p&p in the UK.
The result is ‘A Wanderer’, my new artists’ book.

Coney IslandA child lost in the demented laughter and dangerous attractions of an amusement park in New York in the 50’s. Screen printed in an edition of 90.
A 7 minute film based on Coney Island is here.
Part of the Coney Island series of works.
Several copies are available. If interested, please email me here.

The Venice of the Mind
Hand printed in archival ink on fine art paper. Hand bound in a limited edition of 14 copies.
With pop-ups and cutouts throughout. Comes complete with a steel book stand for display.
To acquire this book please email me directly here.

The Landscape of the Future –  an artists’ book.
Part of the Anthropocene series.
We can have any landscape we desire. But what landscape DO we desire?
A related film can be seen here

Inner Cities – Who can say where the city ends nature begins? Vivid colour prints explore the layers of our inner and outer worlds. Limited edition archival pigment print. Hand bound with a die cut cover. 30cm X 20cm.
Edition of 90 copies.
Purchase a copy directly here or please email me here.
Read more about this book here.

The InnerCities film can be viewed here.

Florida – or you can’t fight progress 102 pages full colour. Hand coloured silkscreens and laser prints. Cut-outs and pop-ups throughout. Hand printed cloth binding.
Click here to see the Florida film.

il supermercato – created in an edition of 90, in hand coloured screenprint on arches paper. Hard case bound with screenprinted supermarket trolley. Acquired by MoMa, Tate Gallery, V&A, British Library, the Brooklyn Museum, and other public collections. SOLD OUT.
Read more about the mythology of the supermarket here.

Tales of New YorkHow do you pay your way through Art School in New York? Randy Klein drove a cab. These are true stories of murder, mayhem and hustling for a buck in the Big Apple. Watch the Tales of New York film here.
Copies of are still available at £36. Please email me here if interested.

The Story of a Family Man –  a hand printed artist’s book in a hardback case bound edition. Archival inkjet print on Bockingford paper with hand watercolour.
A few copies still available. Please email me here.

Jeff and Mabel Hit the Road – Jeff and Mabel have had enough of London life. They jump in their car and hit the road. But can they find a destination they can agree on? More about the Road

il benzinaio – A road journey through a magical landscape in northern Italy. 64 pages full colour cut-outs throughout. Bronze sculpture set in cover. Cloth bound. Edition 90.
The Road series of works.

Images out of Dante
A suite of 14 screenprints in a loose bound volume. With excerpts from the Divine Comedy in Italian and English translation.
Some of the sculptures from the Immortals series of works are here.

10 Books I Never Wrote – Memories of the artist’s father in ‘Dad’s Story’,  a sculptural ‘Flip Book’ nestled in the corner of the pages, plus 7 more books that were never written.
A veritable omnibus of non-books.

All in a Day’s Work –  a brand new artist book in a hand printed, hardback case bound very limited edition. There are cutouts and foldovers, transforming workers and their workplace.
To see a short film based on the book click here.
Copies are still available to purchase here.

roadbook – A brand new edition in hand coloured screenprint. Can be viewed as a book or as a print. Case bound using hidden magnets, transforming the book into a long print. Copies of roadbook are still available here.

Monographs and Projects

ROAD – The long road from the streets of Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan, to the hills of Italy, finally to London. An illustrated artist’s life. More about the Road

Home Truths – A documentation of a project with formerly homeless people working with Thames Reach. Funded by KPMG, the Arts Council of England, and ITV. Read about the Home Truths project here.

Moment to Moment – Catalogue to the touring sculpture exhibition. 120 sculptures which are like the frames of an animated film, telling the story of a life. Toured to public venues in Italy, England and Scotland. More on Moment to Moment.

ALPHABETLAND – Children imagine what the world would be like without an alphabet – chaos!
More about the Alphabet

Germinate – A documentation of a project to create a new school garden in an inner city school. The entire process is documented, from fundraising to completion of new garden. Artwork by the children was incorporated into new paths, sculptures, and gates for the school garden. Children are now cultivating plants in the school wildlife classroom.