The Venice of the MInd
Venice exists as vividly in our imagination as it does in reality.

Landscape of the Future
we can have any landscape we want

A Wanderer
I knew my father’s family came from Austria.
But when I asked he said “I don’t know what city – they didn’t talk about that”

Who can say where the city ends nature begins?

Florida – or you can’t fight progress.
Let’s just wait in our cars, and see if it passes.

Who Will Feast
a short film about bio-diversity.

All in a Days Work
All in a Days Work is a short film exploring ‘our little town’.
How we are all connected and how since being evicted from the Garden, we have to work.

Tales of New York
While studying at the Art Students League of New York, I drove a taxi on weekends.

Coney Island
A little boy is lost in the strange world of

Call Me Thief
A artist recycles.

Home Truths
Formerly homeless clients of the charity Thames Reach taking us back to their days on the street.

Hitchhiking Across America
Sometimes paradise is deceptive.

A public sculpture for the Thames Reach homelessness charity, created with formerly homeless clients.