Rafael Klein, also known as Randy Klein, was born in Brooklyn and now divides his time between London and Puglia, Italy.

Artist Statement
My work explores the ways our own personal narratives shape the world we inhabit. Metal sculpture has been my primary medium – steel (both mild steel and stainless), copper, bronze and aluminium. I have lectured in Metal Sculpture at City and Islington College. My concern with narrative has led me to incorporate text into my sculptures.
I have created a large number of sculptures for the public realm, including the ASPIRE sculpture for the main offices of the Employment Academy Homelessness Charity, the Angel of Poetry for the historic Biblioteca Classense in Ravenna, and recently I have been commissioned by the Dulwich Picture Gallery to create a sculpture for a health centre.
All of my public sculptures have been collaborative in nature. For me, the most important aim of a public sculpture is to foster a sense of community ownership as well as to create a shared sense of place. This includes consultation, hands on workshops, and often incorporation of ideas into the final artwork.
My artists’ books are in important library collections, including MoMA, the Tate, and the British Library.

“Rafael’s work offers solace and promise – I feel in the company of one of Chagall’s angels above the rooftops, the artist is holding us by the hand, taking us through and showing how we can rise above it all.”
Richard Price, Head Contemporary British Collections, British Library

“Klein has a rare spirit and believes in livening us up rather than dragging us down. Some artists have to labour long and hard to translate their ideas into sculptural form. How much better to be like Rafael Klein, who seems to think in sculptural terms as easily and directly as the bird sings.”

John Russell Taylor
The Times, London

“I am so thrilled with your sculpture installation at TJHC! Thank you for making your beautiful vision an even more beautiful reality.”
Jennifer Scott, director, Dulwich Picture Gallery

“You have given so many people, of all backgrounds and ages, pleasure with your exhibition. It is truly poetic work.”
Judy Dames, curator, mac
Midland Arts Centre, “People and Their Things” solo exhibition