Landscape of the Future

The landscape of the future
Will be just how we like it

Summer when we want to swim
Winter for a white Christmas

The mountain gently tilted for skiing
Move it if it blocks the sunset

We will decide where to put the sky
How the waterfalls
And why

Trees the right shade of green
Minty fresh
air filtered clean

The landscape of the future
Will be New and Improved

‘Landscape of the Future’, 2019. Limited edition artists’ book. Archival pigment print on Bockingford enhanced paper. Hand printed and bound with unique relief sculpture embedded in the cover. Cut-outs and torn pages by the artist throughout. Read more.

Call Me Thief – an artist recycles

Who Will Feast – a short film about threatened bio-diversity.

Every time you fire up your engine, you don’t mean to harm the earth, let alone cause the Sixth Mass Extinction Event in the four and a half billion year history of life on this planet.

When the ‘Anthropocene’ began is debated, but its existence can’t be.

Maybe it was the ‘Orbis Spike’ around 1610 caused by the ‘Columbian Exchange’. Europeans carrying smallpox and other diseases cased the death of 50 million people and farmland returned to forest. This caused a visible dip in the carbon in glacial ice.

Or perhaps it is the more recent explosion of plastics which will no doubt one day be visible in the geologic record.

In either case, we now live on the Human Planet.