Rafael Klein creates a Tribute Tree for St. Christopher’s Hospice

Several years ago Rafael Klein was asked to create a sculpture for St. Christopher’s Hospice. They wanted something which could be used to raise funds for the charity. Klein created a Tribute Tree which could grow leaves as people gave donations in memory of their loved ones.
A minimum donation of £1000 grows one leaf for one year. Of course many have been able to give more, and one leaf alone has raised £30,000. The tree has inspired several million pounds of donations to the charity.
As a result of this success, St. Christopher’s have commissioned a second Tribute Tree. Below is the original sketch for the second tree. Like the first, it will be water jet cut in brass and patinated in natural wood tones.

How wonderful to be able to create a sculpture which keeps on giving, both in memories of loved ones, but also in significant funds for a worthwhile charity.