The Mozart Estate was in need of redevelopment. Klein was commissioned to work with tenants, local school, and a local community centre to create permanent artwork for the improved estate.

Wilberforce, the local school wanted to work with an artist on a project to develop cohesion across the three languages spoken at the school – English, Arabic, and Bengali. Klein decided to use the idea of ‘What would happen if there was no alphabet?’. Working with the children at the school and with Arts Council support, an award winning book was created, ‘Alphabetland’.

The artist had the idea of creating a ‘Memory Wall’ for the estate. Klein began by collecting old photographs and memorabilia donated by older residents.The photographs were scanned and made into enamelled steel panels to be embedded in the new walls. The small items of memorabilia were embedded in clear resin and made into clear ‘bricks’ for the wall.

Klein worked with children on the estate in drawing and storytelling workshops. The artwork was transferred onto vitreous enamel steel panels, inset in a new ‘Story Wall’.

A large entrance feature was created for the new play space.

As a result of the success of the award winning estate regeneration, Klein was additionally commissioned to create sculptural gates for a new community centre near the estate.