Sculpture Commission for Tessa Jowell Health Centre

The Dulwich Picture Gallery, working with the NHS, has organised a series of public commissions.
The competition for a sculpture commission in this series of artworks has been won by Rafael Klein.
The location for this artwork is the internal garden at the Tessa Jowell Health Centre in South London.

Klein’s proposal has three elements, all exploring our relationship to nature. Paintings from the Dulwich Picture Gallery permanent collection are transformed into transparent images on the windows of the stairwell, visually connecting to the atrium garden.
A series of sculptures of walking figures will be installed in front of these transparent landscapes, reinforcing the figures in a landscape theme of the paintings.

All of the sculptures were fabricated by the artist together with Jamie Samuels of Creative Metalwork.

The final element is a large sculpture emphasizing again our connection to nature. Incorporated within this large sculpture are designs created in workshops.

As with all of Klein’s public artworks, there was a strong element of collaboration with patients and clinical staff.
Read about the commissions on the Dulwich Picture Gallery website.