I grew up in Coney Island,¬† Brooklyn. That was the beginning of my interest in ‘invented worlds’. The idealised version of reality which is made just to suit our imagination. This ties in with Dante’s imagining of the Inferno, Ovid’s world of transformations, and even the Anthropocene. In fact, it is the inspiration for all of my work.

Coney Island sculptures
A series of sculptures in enamel and steel based on childhood memories of Coney Island. These have been exhibited at the Royal Academy, Darlington Arts Centre.

Coney Island book
A child gets lost in the surreal world of the fun fair. In the library collections of MoMa, the Tate Gallery, the V&A, the British Library and many others. Silkscreen printed and case bound in an edition of 90 copies. Artist books

Coney Island prints
A series of eight limited edition prints based on the amusement park.

Coney Island film
A film based on the Coney Island book.