After a public competition organised by Enfield Council in North London, I was commissioned to create a sculpture for an area known as the Angel, Edmonton.
The project was initiated and in part managed by a group of interested local people, called ‘Art Champions’.

The inspiration for my proposal came from the name of the area itself – Angel Edmonton.
It seemed appropriate to design a sculpture in the shape of an angel.
I decided that the interior of the angel should be made up of local people’s drawings and models around the theme of ‘What does and angel mean to you?”

Workshops were held with people at the North London Lates Festival, and with pupils at St. John and St. James school, located beside the site for the sculpture.
The workshops produced a huge variety of images and words inspired by angels.

Artwork from the workshops has been incorporated into the final design for the Angel sculpture, and these have been cut out of steel and welded into the final artwork.
Installation was completed in May, 2024.