Fear of Driving, 1980. Acrylic on canvas, aluminium, enamel, celastic. 240 cm X 480 cm

Fear of Driving, 1980. Acrylic on canvas, aluminium, enamel, celastic. 240 cm X 480 cm

The Temple of the Car


Roller Coaster, from the Coney Island series

Being American, I am pretty accustomed to the worship of the car. It is like a mechanical god – and like other deities, it can inspire adoration or fear. I’ve never loved cars myself. For me the automobile inspires not adoration but fear.
I grew up in Brooklyn, and when I was a young child I was in a car crash and ended up in hospital for several weeks. Then I grew up and got my driving license, and on my first day of driving I had my first car crash and I realized it’s not so bad. Actually, it reminded me of the ‘bumper cars’ at Coney Island. But I still avoided driving whenever I could.


Tales of New York, getting robbed.

Driving a Cab in New York

I used to drive a taxicab while I was studying art in New York. Got held up at gunpoint and became pretty disgusted with it. I wrote about it in a little comic book about my experiences called ‘Tales of New York’.
The comic book was bought by the Tate Gallery. It was seen there by Caroline Gardiner who made a short film based on it. You can see the film here.

Superman and Cars

CarMan (from the Moment to Moment series), 2013. Steel, enamel, 30cm ht. Private collection.

Randy Klein sculpture

Who’s afraid of cars?

When i finally got over my fear of driving I made another sculpture of a superman who used the road as if it were the belt of Orion. Or could toss the car around as if it were a mere toy.

Car Tree, from Moment to Moment, 2012. Steel, copper, 32cm ht. Private collection

Cars as Nature

Cars and Nature

Once I hitchhiked all across America and slept on Route 66. I then came to realise my whole life was a road. So I made a sculpture that was a very long journey, just like a whole life, starting like a little kid, right up to dying no going to the garage in the sky. And the cars were merely a part of nature, no different from trees.

Overcoming Fear of Driving


Moment to Moment – Life as a Road

So finally I now have got over my fear of cars. They seem part of the natural landscape. I don’t like them, and I still hate driving, but I guess I accept them and don’t feel like I am at war with the road anymore. Read more about the Road in Sculpture here.