The Venice of the Mind


Venice exists as vividly in our imagination as it does in reality.
My new artists’ book has pop-ups, flaps, and other surprises on every page.
It is both a memento for those who have been, and almost like a visit for those who haven’t.



All of my work explores the ways in which our own personal narratives shape the world we inhabit.
Venice might be the paradigm of this idea – it is an invented geography, an ‘improbable city’ built up from a collection of islands by refugees seeking safety.
The Venice of the Mind is Hand printed in archival ink on fine art paper.
Cloth bound book in a limited edition of 14 copies.
A metal laser cut map of the city, showing its resemblance to a fish, is embedded in the cover.
An included afterward explains the references to the history of Venice’s past through the book’s story.
The book comes with a steel book stand which permits display of the 3 dimensional pages on a shelf.

As well as a dream world of fantasy, the book also explores the history of a very real city.

To purchase a copy, please email me directly here.