The Creative Nunhead series of events has included 7 weeks of an artist run gallery opposite Nunhead Green. Paper Scissors Stone, my exhibition, is the last of these. It has been an interesting experience, not least because of being here in person, with no dealer or exhibition director to hide behind. Just me and my work. But also because this is a first opportunity to see the unity within my diversity. Have worked for the last 10 years with a gallery has emin outraged me to separate my work into sculpture or painting. Now I have the chance to show the creative flow between 2D and 3D work, including for the first time my cutout reliefs.

Sculpture, relief, painting, Randy Klein, gallery, exhibition

Unity in diversity

It is great to see honest reactions to the work, and of course to meet the people who are willing to part with hard earned cash to acquire some of the work. I have begin a diary to give a sense of what it feels like.

Day 0

Nick Cobb’s Peckham Car Park Model

Sitting and having a coffee with my friend Andre Alleyne, when Biagio arrives with Nick Cobb unexpectedly to help take sculptures to the gallery. Without much thought or preparation, I take a load of work in his van. Together we take out Nick’s amazing model of the Peckham car park out and bring my work in.

Day 1

Randy Klein, Andre Alleyne, painting, sculpture, relief, cutout, exhibition, gallery

Installing the exhibition

Randy Klein, Ava Alleyne, print, sculpture, exhibition, gallery

Looking through the print browser

Photographer Phil Polglaze comes down to help me hang the show. He brings his camera and captures a few nice moments. Seems there are already friends stopping by.

It rains all day but still see loads of people. Andre comes in and tales some great pictures.It rains most of the day but I still see loads of people. Andre comes in and tales some great pictures.

Day 2

The sun is out! Great street food festival, Nunhead Bites right across the road on Nunhead Green. See loads of friends, new faces, there is a real carnival atmosphere around the green.

Day 4

Quite a remarkable experience to be sitting in a gallery with your own work on the high street. After so many exhibitions organised and run by galleries or else in public venues, this is quite a new experience. Great to be getting immediate feedback from people right off the street. Makes me think of my Dad, who had a shop for most of his working life. And how about Claes Oldenburg, with his amazing ‘Store Days‘ and Tracy Emin’s shop with Sarah Lucas. Also exactly what my dad used to do in his wine store.

Man comes in, very interesting face. We start to talk, interesting guy. Lost the sight in one eye as a child, he has done set design, graphics, etc. Even knew about One Shot paint!

He agrees to sit for me, and I make a sketch. He left me with an interesting thought on my Zippos Circus painting: “nothing as Sinister as a clown”.

Randy Klein, night, circus, painting, exhibition, gallery

Night Circus, 2012. Nothing as sinister as a Clown

Here is the sketch I made of my artist visitor.

Randy Klein, drawing, sketch, exhibition, gallery

An interesting visitor



At lunchtime I went next door to Bajan Spice and Andrea makes me my very first Goat Curry Roti. As Jenny says, Open Wide! Delicious.

Very few people today, but still someone acquired one of my Moment to Moment sculptures, Windy Day. Very pleased it is going to a good home.

Randy Klein, sculpture, steel, copper, exhibition, gallery

Windy Day, steel, copper, enamel. Randy Klein, 2014

Day 5

Getting ready for the launch. Hoping to see some friends and supporters at the gallery tonight. If you are around, please visit the gallery, eith for the launch or during the rest of the run.


If you are free, come join us at the launch. Or else come visit during the run of the exhibition. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Randy Klein, gallery, exhibition, diversity, unity

Invitation to the exhibition

Just before getting ready for the launch, an 89 year old woman came in to chat. She told me lots of interesting things about the local area, and brought me some of her work to look at. And here is the sketch I made of her and one of her paintings.
Randy Klein, art, drawing, exhibition, gallery

A local artist visits the exhibition

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