Artists are doing it for themselves

There is this idea that art is a market, and that artists are in competition with each other, just like in any other market. But we artists are so unique, and have such diverse approaches to their work/career, that maybe it is foolish to think of us as being in competition.

With this in mind, a group of us London artists got together to organise events and exhibit their work. I’m a founding member of Creative Nunhead, together with artists Nick Cobb and Caroline Wright, a group of artists collaborating on a series of art events here in South London. We have taken over a space, the Nunhead Corner Gallery, and organised a series of exhibitions there. This weekend was the launch of the 10th annual Nunhead Open.

Nunhead, art, open, launch party

10th Annual Nunhead Open

Over 60 artists are opening their homes and studios in the area the weekend of September 27-28 to offer an intimate look at their work and lives. In order to open my space, I’ve been transforming part of my garden into a sculpture garden.

Sculpture garden, sculpture

Biagio working on the Sculpture Garden


Sculpture garden, randy Klein

Completed sculpture garden.

Workshop being organised for Open Studios


After the Open Studios, I will be taking over the Nunhead Corner Gallery, 26 Nunhead Green, London SE15 for an exhibition from 6-12 October. The gallery will be open from 12 noon – 6 pm.

Exhibition Launch will be on Wednesday, 8 October from 6:30-8:30 pm. All are welcome!

The exhibition is called ‘Paper Scissors Stone’, a 3 dimensional collage of sculpture, painting and film taking a (fantasy) realism approach to the seasons in Nunhead and beyond. paintings of recognisable local beauty spots combine with animated film of dogs in snow, and leaves falling in the winds of autumn, as well as free standing and relief sculptures.